• sweden

    2008 May

    Adtoox launches in Sweden

  • denmark

    2008 August

    Launching Denmark

  • Finland

    2008 August

    Launching Finland

  • Norway

    2008 August

    Launching Norway

  • tv

    2008 September

    The media industry in Sweden decides to handle all TV ads through Adtoox

  • online

    2008 October

    Distribution of online ads made available

  • tv

    2009 January

    Nordic market leader of TV ad deliveries

  • DOOH ads

    2010 June

    Distribution of DOOH ads made available

  • tv

    2010 August

    Distribution of editorial content made available

  • mobile

    2010 October

    Distribution of mobile ads made available

  • Estonia

    2011 March

    Launching Estonia

  • Germany

    2011 October

    Launching Germany

  • Lithuania

    2012 January

    Launching Lithuania

  • Austria

    2012 January

    Launching Austria

  • Latvia

    2012 February

    Launching Latvia

  • hd

    2012 March

    Distribution of HD ads made available

  • Poland

    2012 March

    Launching Poland

  • radio

    2012 April

    The radio industry in Sweden decides to handle all radio ads through Adtoox

  • Switzerland

    2012 October

    Launching Switzerland

  • France

    2012 December

    Launching France

  • Italy

    2013 May

    Launching Italy

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    Emil Brolin, founder and CEO Adtoox

    In 2007 I worked as a TV director at Initiative Universal Media (media agency). Being responsible that each commercial is delivered on time, we were quite frustrated with not having any control or insight. It is important to understand that several companies are involved to secure that each ad is booked, requested, delivered, controlled and ingested prior to airdate. Even though all parties have an important role, very few are aware of the other companies in this process (and their respective role). Hardly any, seldom even the advertiser, knows which company is responsible for the actual delivery.

    All though several online distribution services had become available across Europe, we couldn´t find one supplier that met our requirements. As these requirements started to grow amongst other players in the industry, I decided to act.

    Adtoox enables the user to streamline the entire workflow and provide real time control to all parties. This further secures that no information is missed or any action forgotten. Moreover, Adtoox always knows what is to be delivered, when, where and by whom. Hence, Adtoox can send automatic notifications or reminders if an action, crucial for the delivery, has not been managed according to deadline. Also, by streamlining metadata input, matching and ingest is easier than ever.

    Despite all integrations possible, Adtoox does not require all parties to be integrated. Restriction can be set up by each client. For example, a production company can manage all services by themselves. Additionally, a broadcaster might use several distribution services whereof just one is Adtoox. Our slim organization is set up to handle any request put before us.

    - Emil Brolin, CEO


    Adtoox was started in 2007 by Emil Brolin (CEO) and Oskar Milton (CTO), both with comprehensive experience within the broadcast media industry. The objective was to build a new generation of distribution services.

    We have great respect for the people working in this industry, and the challenges they face daily. Combining our insight with the vast potential front edge technology now have to offer, we strongly believe we have managed to, like no other, create the perfect symbiosis between ad delivery workflows and technical solutions.

    - Emil Brolin, CEO

    The service was launched in Sweden in May 2008. Shortly after, Adtoox became recognized by the Committee of TV advertisement as the most powerful and cost efficient distribution tool in Europe.

    As of September 2008 the entire Swedish media industry decided to stop delivering adverts via tapes or ftp. All commercials (no exceptions) were instead handled via Adtoox.

    You can´t get any better credentials than that, having an entire media industry uniting behind the service. The feedback we received was direct and truly exceptional. Without having any sales person hired (at that time), Adtoox grew by itself. We launched four new markets in 2009. Today, some years later, Adtoox is one of the largest suppliers in Europe, managing more than 130.000 ad deliveries each year. We offer local sales, business development and support for each market. Our systems development team is stronger than ever. We build nearly all services internally which allows us to advance and adapt like no other.

    - Emil Brolin, CEO

    Adtoox distribution service is available for TV, radio, cinema, online, mobile, tablets and DOOH.

    Want to know more? Don´t hesitate to contact your local office.