Our objective is to deliver the easiest, most reliable and powerful ad management service in the world supported by the best customer relations team our users have ever experienced.


Thank you for your interest in Adtoox and taking a moment to read about who we are, what inspires us and the values we base our company upon. My name is Emil Brolin and I am the CEO and co-founder of Adtoox. I started the company back in 2007 together with my trusted colleague Oskar Milton (CTO).

Adtoox was initially launched in alliance with the “Committee of TV advertisement” in Sweden (an industry body with representatives from the media agencies, broadcasters and the advertiser association). The committee’s objective was to efficiently shift the market from tapes to digital file distribution and to gain as many benefits as possible in the scope of such changeover. The committee’s initial intention was to start using any of the media distribution services already available across Europe at that time. None of these services could however meet the high requirements defined by the industry.

Adtoox was a small start-up company at this time. With the sole purpose to streamline and vastly improve the way people work and communicate within the scope of ad distribution, supported by a mentality that everything is possible (and therefore must be improved), our expectations were far greater than merely delivering the files from one point to another.

The service (“Adtoox Express”) was launched in Sweden in May 2008. As of September 2008 the entire Swedish media industry decided to stop delivering adverts via tapes, ftp’s or other distribution services. All commercials were instead managed via Adtoox. The feedback we received, and the personal gratification this created was truly, and still is, phenomenal. By daily aiding hundreds of users to identify, order, transcode, upload, store, track and verify more or less every TV ad in the Swedish market, and thereafter expanding into other media types and countries, we began to understand what a powerful and unique service we had created.

Today Adtoox delivers a wide range of services within the scope of ad distribution, research and online advertisement. Our customers include advertisers, media owners, media agencies, ad agencies, production companies and post houses. Everything we do and develop is funded and inspired by our core values – Innovation, Quality and Service.

We now support thousands of users, having operations in fifteen markets across the globe. We currently serve more than 7.000 brands from more than 900 different advertisers. We are integrated with more than 350 different broadcasters and publishers and have users from all international media agency networks. In terms of our ad delivery service alone, Adtoox is one of the biggest suppliers in Europe. The world has become our market place and we stand more confident than ever to show (the rest of) the world what we have to offer.

It is important to emphasize that our (somewhat rapid) expansion has solely been funded by our own organic growth. We stand truly humble and grateful for the constant flow of new and inspiring customers that have had the courage to take a chance on us and to their loyalty to us during all these years. This gratitude and insight to what our customers have done for our business has had a major impact on our company culture. We are highly skilled, friendly, professional and proactive people that put great trust and value in both ourselves as in our partners and customers. We will always prioritize our current customers’ needs before any new businesses’. Hence, in terms of expansion, Adtoox core focus is still “quality first”. Adtoox has built its reputation on constantly delivering state of the art services for its clients and partners and we will never jeopardize that high level of quality our customers deserve and have grown to expect.

Moving forward, we strongly believe that the commitment and dedication of our staff will be the driving force in regards to how our customers rate us and our services. Great innovation and great customer relations usually don’t grow by the number of people in a company, but from the dedication and motivation from the people working there. If we (the “Adtooxers”) are the most committed people within our industry – staying true to our business culture and values, we will continuously develop and deliver ground breaking solutions to the industry, supported by the best customer relations team our users and customers have ever experienced. We are blessed with a fantastic team of talented and inspiring people, truly committed to our common goals and values. We come from a wide range of professional and ethnical backgrounds and cultures – a diversity we are very proud of and strongly believe will benefit us as well as our customers. Our means to meet our common objectives are mainly driven by our own commitment and the respect we show towards ourselves and to our customers.

Our objective is to deliver the easiest, most reliable and powerful ad management service in the market supported by the best customer relations team our users have ever experienced.

We deliver unsurpassed control and order by streamlining the work for all parties involved – yet lowering the administration needed for each user. Our innovative services allows for our customers to find new revenue streams throughout the scope of distribution, research and online advertising.

It is our firm conviction to always challenge the ordinary and by that means any local or global market leader. Regardless of the market we operate in, we see the same types of workflows and challenges amongst the parties involved within the management of ads. Hence, we see the same types of opportunities and benefits when utilizing our services across different markets. With that said, our success comes from always wanting more and doing more than our competitors. To always think outside traditional patterns/workflows and to customize our service towards the specific needs of each market.

Our goal is not to manage the greatest number of ads, but we do intend to be the greatest in managing ads. Nor is our objective to have the largest number of clients, but we do intend to have the largest number of challenging clients.

Last, but by no means least, being a Swedish company operating in a global environment, we understand the importance of strong and long lasting business relationships. Swedish companies are recognized internationally for being among the most reliable and trustworthy in the world with high quality products and advanced technological solutions. We take great pride in this heritage and strive to be a positive influence for the people of today and future generations. I hope you give us the chance to discuss what we can do for your business!

Emil Brolin, CEO Adtoox