Customer Support / Customer Service Analyst

Main responsibilities
– Support all users by phone and email
– Responsible for manual customer relationship support processes.
– Teach customers how to use Adtoox software.
– Perform digital file upload and QA
– Administer and create customer accounts on Adtoox platform
– Log calls to the Desk / Salesforce system
– Perform manual file upload to non-integrated stations

Skills and qualifications
– Good knowledge in English
– Training in Advertising, Adm or related areas
– Previous customer service experience
– Microsoft Office domain and Internet browsers
– Online media notions
– Good diction and personal organization
– Easy to deal with audience
– Empathy, patience and didactics
– Open and sociable personality.
– Easy learning

Who we are?
Adtoox is a custom digital file delivery service provider for commercials on television broadcasts and web portals.
The Adtoox system simplifies work for advertisers, media agencies, producers and customers in general.

Who are you
You are focused on achieving goals and always try to find the most efficient solutions. Likes to cooperate with colleagues to achieve the same goals.
It’s easy for you to work in a team and in a fast-changing environment. You learn fast and are results driven, enthusiastic and excel at everything you do.

What we offer
You will be supported by a highly qualified team of supportive people who value personal relationships and a pleasant environment. Gross salary of R $ 3,000 per month, hiring via the CLT system, medical assistance and meal vouchers.
Working hours from 10 am to 7 pm with a lunch time in an office located in the Itaim Bibi region.

Is that you?
If you are interested in the position, please send us your CV in English to