To kick start your work, we recommend that you contact our support to help you get started. You can also check out our quick guide below. Adtoox Play is seamlessly integrated with Adtoox Express (step 1-5 below) which ensures a secure and streamlined workflow uploading the ad. Hence, if you are already using Adtoox Express, you can go directly to step 3 and 6!

Your login is used for any service Adtoox provides. It only takes a minute and enables you to communicate with the parties you invite to your orders.
Create a user login

All orders will be logged towards your customer account. The account also specifies your invoice address.
Create a customer account

The delivery order specifies what needs to be uploaded (i.e. your video ad). Don’t forget to select your Adtoox Play destination (e.g. IO publisher or agency trading desk) so the script tag email is sent (step 6).
Place a new order or Edit an existing order

This step is optional and only used when requesting someone else to upload the ad. The upload request is an email that contains all info and access needed for upload. Hence, the recipient can forward this email to any other person he/she intends to hold responsible for upload.
Send an upload request

Choose from a variety of source formats. Before uploading, take a peak at Adtoox Technical Specification. Most ads are quality assured and made available within ten minutes.
Download Adtoox Upload Application

Wait for an email with a link to Adtoox Script Tag Generator. Customize your ads (such as formats, design, play behaviors, inscreen functionality, tracking etc.) and use the script tags in your ad server/dsp etc.